Across the Midwest, countless shelters, rescues and individuals struggle to care for their animals. At United Pet Fund, we’re dedicated to changing that. A unique nonprofit, UPF provides vital resources to underserved and independent animal care groups and advocates. We’ve built a community of giving, connecting those who have goods or services to donate with those who need them most – an effort benefiting more than 30,000 animals to date. Our mission? To help even more.


Think of UPF as a central umbrella help organization – a comprehensive network of partners, volunteers and members where goods and services, both large-scale and individual, are collected and then shared to help the most animals in need.


We enable independent shelters, advocacy groups and rescue organizations to better focus on caring for their animals, relieving them of the constant worry over how to obtain necessities like food, funds, medicine, materials and more.


UPF provides any size business or contributor an impactful, direct way to provide real help to animals in need. Whatever the donation – time, money, sponsorships, supplies – every philanthropic gift is maximized to the greatest benefit.


For small or private rescues and care groups, joining UPF as a member provides dependable access to a structured, established support system – including critical assistance with everything from food and fundraisers to seminars and supplies.

Upcoming Events

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UPF always has an event in the works – our annual 5K, garage sales, seminars, pet health days, holiday workshops and more. Find all the information you need here, from sign up and registration to upcoming occasions and save-the-dates.

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Looking for a new pet?

UPF partners with a number of well-respected rescue organizations, shelters and breed-specific adoption services that offer ethical, common-sense options for those willing to open their hearts and homes to these pets looking for a forever family.

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