About Us

Our purpose & plan

Since 2010, United Pet Fund has been changing the lives of shelter animals by providing food, supplies and tangible support to those who care for them. Our purpose is to help underserved animal organizations where they need it most – assistance and aid for small, independent, private or mom-and-pop shelters, rescues, advocacy groups and care centers, as well as senior citizens and the economically disadvantaged.

Put simply, we connect, collect and share. UPF is itself not a shelter or rescue center, but instead a single, strong network that secures and shares resources – a community of giving similar to the USO, United Way and Matthew 25: Ministries that together works to contribute to the greater good for animals.

By constantly leveraging both new and established relationships with businesses and individuals across the tristate, we bring together critically needed goods and services – based from our 8,500-square-foot Food Bank and Resource Center – then distribute them to the greatest benefit. For elderly or disadvantaged caregivers, we’re a source of essential medical services and pet care. For shelters and rescues, we’re an opportunity for even more – a membership that offers tangible assistance with supplies, funds and food, plus continuing education, business support and the chance to give back with their own time and assets when possible. We offer a hand up rather than strictly a handout.

Currently, UPF provides the following, traveling around the Midwest to support nearly a hundred animal care organizations in need:

  • Food, medicine, discounts, business supplies + paper products
  • Scholarship funds for continuing education + conferences
  • Pet Health Days + help events for the underserved + economically challenged
  • Seminars + training for nonprofit volunteers + leaders
  • Media promotion + social networking
  • Emergency funds + grants

Year after year, our impact has grown, but as a nonprofit organization driven solely by volunteer initiatives, gifts and efforts, we need help to do more. Our unique model of giving is fully transparent and distinctly effective. Supporters understand exactly where their work and donations go – and exactly how much they help. To date, that help has benefited nearly 35,000 animals throughout the Midwest. Our plan? To become the umbrella support organization for animal service organizations nationwide. The opportunities to support this goal – and all those who help animals in need – are endless. Find yours now.