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While our Resource Center represents the heart of our organization, the businesses and companies that support us are our lifeblood. UPF is a true gifts-in-kind organization, passionately committed to collecting product donations, distributing them to members and care groups in need, and making an impact on the greatest number of animals – an effort that has reached 30K+ animals so far.

If yours is a goods-based business, product philanthropy allows you to donate unwanted or idle inventory to us without having to discount or liquidate. We’re masters at trading, upcycling or repurposing all manner of articles and goods. It’s a tax-deductible, efficient, and most importantly, repeatable method for giving back.

We can also benefit from your expertise and involvement. From help with accounting and law to fundraising, board meetings and sponsorships, both our own organization and all those who come to us for help are eager for improvement, advice or your unique brand of business savvy.

You Can Also…
  • Sponsor a pet health day, adoption event or seminar
  • Organize a food/product drive to help stock our Resource Center
  • Brand adoption kits with your logo or company coupons
  • Use your social platforms to help increase awareness about UPF
  • Involve your employees, from team-building activities to volunteer projects

We’re doing great work with companies both big and small – a process of giving that is wholly transparent. For every gift of time, talent or wares, you’ll know exactly where your help goes, and exactly how much it is helping. We’d love to have you join our ever-growing list of Impact Partners and supporters – get in touch with us today.

Impact Partners

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