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We connect, collect and share – expressly for your benefit, and the benefit of the animals you work so hard to care for. With our strong connections and extensive giving network, we have the power to bring together much-needed supplies, donations and volunteers, and then offer them to you when you need them most.

For just $100 a year, you become an official part of this community. Members take, give back, share with each other. It’s a positive and collaborative spirit – giving everyone who serves needy animals the assistance they desire and the critical resources they require. It’s also a tangible source of relief, letting you focus on your animals rather than worrying about provisions.

The only thing separating your independent or lesser-known organization from the “big dogs” is dependable, at-the-ready access to funds, food, support and supplies. UPF is changing that, for nearly 100 members and counting.

Why Join?

The reasons, rewards and advantages are countless, but the following are a few of the most important.

  • Resource Center. A perfect home base not only for your fundraisers or meetings, it’s also a go-to source of warehoused food and supplies when the need arises.
  • Educational events and seminars. Members receive free and discounted admission to our yearly conferences, covering animal behavior, management, fundraising and more.
  • Partnership with ReSource. UPF pays your first-year fees for this group that distributes corporate donations (furniture, care items, consumables, etc.) to its nonprofit members.
  • Rescue Bank. A UPF affiliate and signature program of, donations made to the Animal Rescue Site benefit the Rescue Bank, who then makes food grants to community-based animal welfare groups like you.
  • Community of collaboration. You join a proactive group of like-minded organizations currently sharing resources with each other – a community of note already capturing larger donations of corporate philanthropy.
  • Distribution eventsOur distribution days and share events are designed to provide you further access to food and supplies either for free or at drastically reduced prices.
  • Social media support. From helping promote your organization, its needs or upcoming adoption events, we work with you to get the word out in as many channels as possible.

You and your organization matter. You’re making a difference for animals that need a loving home – and you deserve to be supported and recognized. When you succeed, it’s the animals themselves that are the real winners.

To get started, simply complete and submit the application below. If you prefer, you can also print out the membership application and return it to us either in person or by mail. Already a member? You can easily renew your $100 annual membership here.

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Annual Membership Fee: $100/Organization.